Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Well, oops again

Under investigation:
A NATO airstrike killed 14 laborers working for an Afghan road construction company that had been contracted by the United States Army Corps of Engineers to build a road in the mountainous province of Nuristan in eastern Afghanistan, officials said.

The strike occurred late Monday night in the Norgram district of Nuristan when the Afghan workers of Amerifa Road Construction Company were sleeping in tents after a day’s work.

“Fourteen of our mechanics and laborers were killed as they were asleep in their tents,” said Nurullah Jalali, the executive director of the construction company. “We just collected pieces of flesh from our tired workers and put them in 14 coffins.”
“I can’t confirm that at this time, we, I.S.A.F., believe that we were able to successfully target a Taliban leader in that area and at that time,” the spokesman, Maj. Charles Anthony, said. “As far as the allegation of civilian casualties goes, that is under investigation.”
Bonus suicide tactic, hold your breath until you read the results of the 'investigation'. But at least we don't have to worry about the dead workers wives and children, they were already rich:
The victims of the episode on Monday night were all Afghans who were working for $5 a day to build the road, Mr. Jalali said. His company has been contracted to build 273 miles of road in 10 provinces of Afghanistan, and the major contracts are with the American military.
What, not with NATO?


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