Friday, November 30, 2007

Saudis step up

M K Bhadrakumar runs through the developments in Pakistan, concentrating on the return of Sharif and what that means for the next phase. One thing that is of particular interest is the role that Saudi Arabia took in getting Musharraf to accept the return of his old antagonist.

It seems the most important step the Saudis have taken so far that asserts independence from Washington. Bhutto was brought in to share power with Musharraf as set up by Negroponti, that possibility seems much more remote now, and with Saudi backing the Pakistanis can keep their independence in the 'war on terror'.

The US press is so concerned with playing the stenographer for the administrations policy positions, and those positions are so muddled, that it is hopeless to try to understand world affairs without other sources. Thank you, Asia Times!


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