Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Days of the Jackels

Now that we're officially in an election year, the outline presented by the press will take shape sooner rather than later, barring unforeseen occurrences in the world at large. With John Edwards making a move toward the front of the pack of Dems, it's become clear that he is the candidate that most upsets the mandarins in Washington and New York.

The NYT, seeing that stories about $400 haircuts is not getting the job done of moving Edwards back to where he belongs at the rear of the pack, draws a bead on him in this article by the Pentagon's best boy, Michael R. Gordon.

The accompanying photograph alone is worth the price of admission, so go take a look. Just because the cross hair is missing doesn't make it any less obvious that Gordon/Keller/Sulzberger have made a statement that Edwards is a target.
(h/t to the Master of image analysis at BAGnewsNotes)


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