Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The hankies are out and getting damper by the minute as the blog campaign against telecom immunity in the new improved FISA bill seems to have bitten the dust, big time.

Yes, all the 'write/call/fax' your Senator drum beating has failed to motivate our guardians of democracy to, well, guard democracy yet another time. Why?

Because supporting telecoms is democracy in action. These Senators have been bought and paid for by the telecoms, the oil companies, the financial wizards of Wall Street, not by you, dear citizens. They know the meaning of democracy and you don't. If they didn't, they'd be out of office as soon as you can say 'Cynthia McKinney'.

The unification of the money powers over the last half century means the end of any meaningful difference between the two parties, all that is left is just a pitiful squabble over the slice of the pie they get to divvy up. Beyond that our good Senators don't know anything, they don't want to know anything else.

So asking them to take a stand on something that doesn't address their raison d'etre is basically just embarrassing, Harry Reid has been going through contortions just to ameliorate the blushing cheeks that greet any pressure from people who have no clue as to 'the state of things'.

From that point of view it makes sense to give the executive dictatorial powers over all those pesky questions of torture, eavesdropping, corruption of justice, idiotic wars and the like. Who wants to be bothered? Just heroes like Feckless Leader, who will bear all the burdens on the Highway to Hell. Of course that means that his cronies are getting the biggest slice of the pie now, but that just cannot be helped. Four more years!


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