Tuesday, February 05, 2008


After the thrills and chills of Sunday, today is going to have to put on a pretty good show to be labeled Super.

On the Democratic side, there is a pretty good horse race between two candidates that certainly look differently, but differ very little when it comes to the policies they've outlined. As usual in American politics, outlining policies is seen as a giant gotcha, so the best candidate is the one that says less. Obama seems to win that dubious struggle.

Meanwhile, on the Republican side there is also a two candidate race, but one of them seems to have disappeared. I've seen the rather unpleasant McCrazy everywhere, while Mittens seems to gone into hiding, and that's got to be tough with those big shoulders. Our national press seems to have anointed McCrazy without the help of the pesky electors, wouldn't it be easier to just dispense with these tiresome formalities?


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