Monday, January 28, 2008


I've never thought of myself as a particularly paranoid person, but perhaps I need to change that opinion, as reported facts in seemingly unrelated articles are starting to interact in my mind for no good reason. Take these three:
  1. Ex-FBI translator Sibel Edmonds finally gets to tell her story to the media (in Great Britain, at least) with three articles in the Times. (one, two, and three). The story has a lot about nuclear proliferation, and gives a central role to Turkey. Do read the articles.
  2. Then Bush proposes sharing nuclear technology with Turkey.
  3. Then an airplane goes down with several Turkish nuclear scientists on board.
Or is it as Auric Goldfinger (a paranoid fictional character) once said, more or less: once - happenstance, twice - coincidence, three times - enemy action?


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