Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mukasey's point

Glenn Greenwald (behind an ad wall) and Scott Horton both give a good summary of AG Mukasey's courtesy call yesterday to the US Senate.

As Glenn says, the spectacle of the AG telling the Senate to go fuck themselves and that the President makes the laws is no longer a spectacle at all, just normalcy in our new reality. After being told that, the good Senators all lined up to say what a good guy and fine AG Mukasey is. How civilized!

And Mukasey has a point, when the President defies Congress, there is a Constitutional remedy. It is called impeachment. If Congress doesn't want to avail itself of that, it really doesn't have many options, and that it is evidently too much to impeach a Leader that knows how to keep his dick in his pants.

So the only way back is the upcoming elections. Right. Those that have seized supreme power are just going to walk away and leave everything to Clinton or Obama and everything will be like before. As Claudius found out, even if the Emperor wants to give power back to the Republic, it just cannot be done. All you can do is hope for a better Emperor. At least that shouldn't be too difficult.


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