Thursday, May 15, 2008

Appease this!

It was a particularly ugly set of delusions Feckless Leader put on display in front of the Knesset, accusing US Democrats of being appeasers because they, like his Secretary of Defense, would talk to the Iranians. The Iranians are 'evil' like the North Koreans, and you just don't talk to evil, except of course when you do, and then it's OK, because you do it, and not the Democrats.
His exceptionalism has moved way beyond the good old American variety, it's now a holy war of the US and their faithful holy partners the Israelis against the malevolent evil of the iranalqaidasyriahezzbollahsadr fiends. He is, and thus by extension the US and anyone supporting his policies, intrinsically Good. This is delusion on an epic scale. It's like his keepers have thrown in the towel and are letting him run amok. The Israelis, who are basically led by the same gang that rules the roost here, seem willing to follow this clown down the road to hell, though they should know better.

Others aren't. Take the Lion of Mesopotamia, Maliki. He just wants to stay alive by playing his two masters off against each other. As Gareth Porter points out, he just ruined a Petraeus media extravaganza that would have upped the ante with Iran. Back to the drawing board, oh super Generalissimo!

The funny thing is that the Democrats have been appeasers. They (and the media) appease Bush and continue to whistle and look up in the air as the ship of state sails toward the reef. I've lost hope that it can be turned.


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