Saturday, June 21, 2008

McBush vs O'Bush

Now that the nomination is won, Obama is steering hard right and damn the torpedoes of the bloggies. Unquestioned and fervent support of the National Security State is numero uno on the agenda. Iran, Israel/Palestine, Afghanistan/Pakistan, the gulag, unquestioned federal executive authority without regard to the rule of law, these have all been signed off on. Discreetly, natch. There is no substantive difference between McCain and Obama here. McCain is just scarier to look at.

Domestically, the scolding of black fatherhood took the appropriate Bill Cosby tack. Who is less threatening to white America than Bill Cosby? Who is easier to kick than black fathers? Even talking about Sam Nunn as VP is a slap in the face to progressives (what you call liberals).

Now we can expect a strong campaign from the Dems in the run up to the election to vilify those that oppose 'bipartisanship', i.e. the unquestioning lockstep regarding the war machine. That might be you, bloggies! We're all just Americans after all. Executive crimes are no crimes at all, the excellent corruption of the DoJ was due to the very natural need to protect the homeland, the retirement of the current kleptocracy needs healing, not recrimination.

Would Obama be a better President than McCain? Sure, McCain shows every evidence to be as purblind as Bush, and the current batch of kleptocrats that have stolen the country and the world blind would continue with carte blanche. With Obama, I would expect some clean up at DoJ, and the domestic bureaucracy. A more sane approach to the environment and energy. Well and good. But the big story is elsewhere, the trillions being siphoned off for the wars, the attempt to control world energy resources though direct military control will remain unchallenged. Just look at who his national security advisers are. The same chumps who got us where we are now.

I'm afraid the suffering we'll go through in the upcoming campaign will be all for naught, it's been decided in advance that it doesn't matter. The road ahead is fixed and unavailable for discussion and politics at the national level.


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