Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Andrew Bacevich, over at TomDispatch, sums up the past seven years of Feckless Leader and Company. The opening paragraph is succinct:
The events of the past seven years have yielded a definitive judgment on the strategy that the Bush administration conceived in the wake of 9/11 to wage its so-called Global War on Terror. That strategy has failed, massively and irrevocably. To acknowledge that failure is to confront an urgent national priority: to scrap the Bush approach in favor of a new national security strategy that is realistic and sustainable -- a task that, alas, neither of the presidential candidates seems able to recognize or willing to take up.
That McCain is unable to confront the urgent national priority is no surprise, if and when he is elected he can turn it all over to Palin and get back to playing solitaire, or whatever he does in his spare time. He'll have nothing but spare time! If we're lucky, he'll even turn presidential speechifying over to the VP, his head and the teleprompter just don't work well together.

As for Obama, either he doesn't recognize the failure, or he's not willing to admit that he does. If there is to be a new national security strategy, it will not be discussed in this election.

But the question is not if there will be a new national security strategy, it's when. Sooner, in a planned and orderly way would be better, better still if the strategy were explained to the American people, but the end of the current strategy is only a matter of time.


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