Friday, December 12, 2008


Eric Schmitt, faithful stenographer of the DoD, tells us:
U.S. Helps African States Fend Off Islamists
Of course, the reality is the opposite, the US presence will encourage Islamic militancy. It also will undoubtedly destabilize the government of Mali, the main focus of the article.
American and Malian officials acknowledged there were other hurdles to overcome. The Pentagon needs to explain better the role of its new Africa Command, created in October to oversee military activities on the continent, and to dispel fears that the United States is militarizing its foreign policy, Malian officials said.

American officials say their strategy is to contain the Qaeda threat and train the African armies, a process that will take years. The nonmilitary counterterrorism programs are just starting, and it is too early to gauge results.
So, the unfortunate Mali will have years of the presence of US advisors. How long before the US is forced to support them by bombing some 'terrorists'. How long before Mali is destroyed like the other US 'projects'?


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