Monday, January 26, 2009

Exactly right

missing links has a post that notices the deafening silence that has followed the US media's lockstep on the Gaza war:
And now, as Israeli society contemplates its options in the run-up to national elections on February 10--including the possibility of a Nazi-style citizenship-certificate law--and Hamas leaders are reportedly under continued threat of asassination, the American foreign-policy establishment has fallen silent. Everyone from Brookings to CAP to NSN and including the courtiers and court-watchers at Foreign Policy are finding other things to talk about. And the reason is perhaps not surprising: They have not yet been told what to think, so they are waiting.
Yup, that's the reason. Brookings, et. al. only pretend to discuss policy, they're there to explain policy decisions to the reporters and pundits that can point to their 'impartial expertise' to justify whatever needs to be justified. They're also useful in spreading the magic of bipartisanship, the Brookings clown O'Hanlon was invariably called a liberal before he called out for more war. They're part and parcel of the media, and like the media do what their masters tell them to do.


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