Saturday, March 28, 2009

Joe's joke

VP Joe Biden, a wholly owned subsidiary of the banking industry, sponsor of the bankruptcy bill that is now coming into its own, helping to drive Americans into destitution, piped up on his trip to Europe:
At a news conference in Vina del Mar, Mr Biden said: "I would hope the protesters give us a chance, listen to what we have to say and hopefully we can make it clear to them that we're going to walk away from this G20 meeting with some concrete proposals."
I bet there will be some 'concrete proposals', such as giving lots more money to Joe's bankster friends.

Coincidentally perhaps, while standing tall for his plutocrat masters in Europe, Joe is the beneficiary of a puff-piece in the NYT, touting him as an influential free speaker in the Obama administration.

Why protesters should heed his words is a question that Joe is not asked. I doubt that he cares about the protesters anyway, his laughable statement was probably asked for by Gordon Brown, whose country may soon have to declare bankruptcy itself. Brown too has been throwing lots of money at British banks, so I'd expect that Brown and Biden see eye to eye on financial matters. But Joe's joke is telling none the less, nobody (but the banks) trusts the political leadership to protect their citizens, all it can do is tell them to 'shut up'.


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