Monday, March 30, 2009


The Zubaida story gets stranger and stranger.

He was a key source in the 9/11 report and the whole creation of the Al-Qaida boogeyman, and now we are learning:
  1. His information was extracted by means of torture.
  2. His information about future attacks, though copious, when analyzed at great expense was worthless.
  3. He was not a member of Al-Qaida before 9/11.
  4. None the less his testimony is central to establishing the 9/11 narrative. He is cited many times in the footnotes of the report.
  5. His confessions have been taped.
  6. The tapes have been destroyed.
The usual explanation as to why the tapes were destroyed is to cover up the crime of torture.

But the tapes would also establish a narrative of how information was exchanged between tortured and torturer.

The main use of torture is to extract a confession in line with the desires of the torturer. Is that why the tapes were destroyed?


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