Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Zombie Food Court

I guess that the death of Michael Jackson is as good a reason as any to link to this assemblage of speeches that Joe Bageant made to some colleges.

He calls it Escape from the Zombie Food Court and there are few examples more telling of where we live than when a mega-celebrity checks out unexpectedly.

Michael, as one who had his own relationship with zombies, was probably as much a victim of the ZFC as anyone. He was a poster boy for the American Psycho-socio-medical-complex, as Joe Bageant puts it:
In any case, the media culture's production of martyrs, good guys and bad guys, fallen heroes and concept outlaws, is not just big corporate business. It is the armature of our cultural behavior. It tells us who to fear (Middle Eastern terrorists, Mr. Chavez in Venezuela, and foreign made pharmaceuticals), who to scorn (again the same candidates, along with Brittney Spears for her lousy child rearing skills). Our daily news is the modern version of Roman coliseum shows. Elections are personality combat, chariot races, not examinations of solutions being offered. None are offered.


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