Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quid pro quo

Obama's announcement that the plan to deploy missiles in Poland and the Czech republic is a no go leads to the obvious question, what does the US get in return.

Since no one really questioned the fact the the missiles would be aimed at Russia, and had nothing to do with Iran from a military point of view, whatever the US does get will be given by Russia.

The most probable quid pro quo is support for new sanctions against Iran. The Russians seem to sending mixed signals, first FM Lavrov said Russia would not support further sanctions, then Medvedev said 'well, maybe' and today Lavrov once again stated Russian opposition to 'swift new sanctions'.

There is the remote possibility that Obama decided to give up the missile deployment on its own merit, which would make it the most intelligent foreign policy decision of his short administration. We can hope so, anyway.


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