Sunday, September 20, 2009

Schit and Whanker

No, I meant to say Schmitt and Shanker, faithful NYT stenographers for an anonymous senior White House official today, any anonymous official tomorrow or yesterday. Said official, like totally off the record, says that the good Gen. McChrystal needs more troops in Afghanistan, AND SOON, or the whole thing might just head directly into the shitpile, not passing go, nor collecting $200.

This grim assessment is, as announced, CLASSIFIED, but since an anonymous White House official has leaked it to the NYT, we of the hoi polloi are allowed to receive its wisdom without being shipped off to GITMO or BAGRAM

Who do you think the senior WH official is?

The classified news is contrasted in the article with Obama's statement that decisions have not been made about further troop deployments. The implication is that the WH official is putting on pressure, prodded by McChrystal, to cough up the 40,000 or so troops he wants. Despite previous articles spelling out that figure, S &W let us know that that figure is, yes, classified.


The report was read by 'lawmakers', but they couldn't take notes on a five page document. Probably so they can't recall the number of troops. 4, 400, 4000, all those zeros, who can remember without notes.

As now normal for Afghan reporting, there was no mention of the good Gen. Petraeus, who has remained remarkably under the radar as McChrystal takes the heat. Smart!


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