Monday, June 28, 2010

Shifting rifts

Our studly Prez is due to meet with his Israeli counterpart soon after Independence Day, and the press is already painting corners and putting the participants into them.

Eagle eared Israeli journalists heard Israeli ambassador to the US, Michael Oran, say that there was a 'tectonic rift' between the two nations policies, but said rift was then redefined as a 'shift', in the official line.

In the article, Obama was then defined by the ambassador as:
an ambitious change agent not satisfied with the status quo.
That sounds pretty dangerous for the Prez. Caesar, after all, was an ambitious man.

The aggressive WaPo, followed by the stately NYT and the rest of the herd, are going to put big pressure on Obama in the following week to toe the Israeli line. Who is he to demur?

Bibi is going to kick ass and take names. Only by laying low can Obama avoid the worst.


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