Monday, August 16, 2010


It's the new politics.

Those of us who believed that the sewer of US politics oozed at a level of absolute bottom have been proven wrong, once again. The 'Ground Zero Mosque' story, following hard on the heels of the 'Mexican drug-lords are beheading your daughter' story has shown that there ain't no bottom, politicians, with CNN's help, can lower the level of discourse to infinity. It's the black hole of politics, it sucks in everyone and everything.

It was a great opportunity for Barack Obama to show, once again, what a cowardly weasel he is, and where Barack goes, can Harry Reid be far behind?

This is another issue where the Dems can find the spirit of true bipartisanship. Setting up acceptable areas for Muslims to worship is a task for both parties, while they're at it, a good jobs program might be setting up barriers, like in Baghdad, where Muslims would feel safe inside as they go about their incomprehensible lives. Or maybe it might be more logical, and less socialistic to put them in camps, along with illegal immigrants. That could be done by the private sector, and we would avoid government inefficiency and waste.

Alas, I fear that no matter how much the Dems try to tag along, the Repubs will lead on so fast that true bipartisanship will remain a dream in the eye of Obama and the NYT. Like with Lucy's football, they'll kick all they can, but never make contact.


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