Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Exactly wrong

Glenn Greenwald:
What determines whether something is a crime is the actions of the person -- not their nationality or how large of a corporation employs them.
He also says, speaking about Michael Lind in Salon:
Ironically, Lind is guilty of exactly that which he is condemning: namely, deciding what is and is not a crime based on his likes and dislikes ("information vandalism!") rather than what the law actually says.
Lind is also wrong, though less so.

Rather, what determines what is a crime is who you are, you being the perp.

High government officials are not guilty of leaking because of who they are, PFC Manning is guilty because, well, he is a PFC. Mazzetti and Filkins are not guilty because they are reporters for the NYT, while Assange is 'a random Australian guy'. Muslims are terrorists when they fight US troops, US troops are heroes when they destroy a village in order to save it.

There is nothing new about this, its how the law, the government and the press have been working for a long time. Daniel Ellsberg was fortunate to be a rather important fellow before he went rogue, or else he'd likely still be in the slammer.

Assange had better hope his celebrity status continues to grow, while as for PFC Manning, the lack of coverage makes him just more road kill.


Blogger Russell said...

I think though, if you take a look at Afghanistan and Pakistan today, muslims/Taliban are killing far more people than the US troops. And, ironically, we, instead of "destroying the village" are rebuilding it. Google the Turquois Mountain and Kabul.

12/31/2010 2:25 AM  

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