Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Bitch for All Seasons

The mechanics of the latest 'crisis' with North Korea are pretty much established.

South Korea held military exercises on a disputed island, and after warnings from North Korea, proceeded to launch artillery into North Korean waters. North Korea responded by shelling the island.

The provocation by S. Korea, and the excessive (but usual) response by N. Korea, trigger a milquetoast response by the Obama administration, hoping to avoid further escalation but needing to seem forceful by the press.

It's hard to disbelieve that the S. Korean government didn't manufacture this incident for their own political aims, and that once again, Barack Obama has been played for the patsy he is.

Japan's tiff with China over fishing near a disputed island was also a scenario for local political grandstanding, with the US administration following the lead of the Japanese Foreign Minister. 

This all intermingled with the latest episode with Israel that was so nauseatingly predictable that I thought it beneath comment. It seems all client states of the US feel they have a free hand to cuff Obama, and make him dance to their tune.

Where will it end?


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