Sunday, November 07, 2010

God Bless America

Land that I fucking LOVE.
Morgan Stanley financial adviser escapes felony charges for hit-and-run 'because it could jeopardise his job'
The entire article should be perused, there are so many gems that I'd have to quote the whole thing to do it justice. So read it already.

Summary: Rich guy in Mercedes hit cyclist, drives on leaving liver transplant surgeon cyclist with major injuries. DA doesn't prosecute felony hit and run, because that might impede the motorists ability to pay restitution (to whom?).

District Attorney Mark Hurlbert of Eagle Colorado should definitely think of running for higher office.

The perp, Joel Erzinger, has his priorities straight, he should continue to rake in the big money, once he pays off the 'victim', Dr. Steven Milo, who probably obstructed Mr. Erzinger's God given right to the road.

But I have to quote the final paragraph:
Erzinger fled the scene and was arrested later, police say. He drove until he reached a Pizza Hut parking lot, where he stopped and called Mercedes auto assistance to report the damage to his vehicle.
GBA babies, GBA.
(h/t cryptogon)

UPDATE: CNBC senior editor John Carney makes the obvious deduction that Mr. Erzinger was targeted by the cops because of his wealth. So sad, but justice has seemingly triumphed. USA! USA!


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