Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Purloined Letter

The news out of Israel and Washington about the talks and the freeze is achieving exciting new levels of surrealism.

Haaretz is reporting that the news that Obama was offering (via a letter) baskets of carrots to Bibi if he would extend the freeze for two more months (cough, elections, cough), was sourced to a researcher with ties to Dennis Ross, who happens to be Obama's special envoy, though I thought Mitchell was his special envoy. How many fucking special envoys does he need, for Christ sake?

Now, Obama is denying sending any such letter. What could be clearer? But as Haaretz points out, clever Obama might not have sent a letter, he might have sent an email. Anyway, Netanyahu is inclined to reject the non-offer. What could be better, a non-letter offer is rejected, maybe.

Well, how about this. The Egyptian Foreign Minister is saying that the Israeli FM, wait for it, does not speak for Israel! Then who does, we might ask, if we wish our heads to explode.

Couldn't Hillary Clinton straighten all this out?


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