Tuesday, August 31, 2010

VI Day

Just in case we weren't aware just how wonderful things are in Iraq these days, Obama is going to remind us this evening. I doubt that he'll use the phrase 'Victory in Iraq', but that will be the implication, meriting at least a yawn from the pundit class.

The most accomplished military technique the US has these days is manipulating public perception using carefully chosen words and phrases to create a reality with no relation to actuality. Kidnapping, torture and assassination are the main facts on the ground in the GWOT, support, advice, non-combat, etc. are the terms that are chosen to hide that actuality.

Of course, this technique is not limited to the Pentagon. Obama's economic 'team' plays the same game, with the same results, though the actuality is harder to hide from the US public.

And lo and behold, the same pattern of obfuscating reality was used for the Gulf oil disaster. It is Obama's main claim to fame, the relentless manufacturing of a bogus reality, while continuously papering over of the spreading cracks in the edifice.

Unfortunately for him, it looks like the cracks are getting too big and run to deep to allow him to serve out the remainder of his term in this way, let alone serve out another. The addle-brained US public is being roused from their torpor by Fox News and Glenn Beck, and while the bogus solutions offered to the bogus problems can only make matters worse, a sacrifice will be required to appease the gods, and Barack Obama seems tailor made to play the part of the victim.

UPDATE: The Bushian Operation Iraqi Freedom has been renamed the Obamaian Operation New Dawn!


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