Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Getting ahead by giving head

Tonight's extended and unrelenting fellatio of Gen. Odierno by PBS's Margaret Warner was, 'tis true, just an amplification of PBS's normal cocksucking ways with the US government in general and its military in particular.

Still, it was something to behold. Embedded, indeed.

The General's conviction that he is responsible for US policy in Iraq was on full display, egged on with lip smacking gusto by Warner. Since Petraeus has been moved over to Afghanistan, Gates is on his way out, and the so-called President is vacationing and plotting his election strategy for the next decade, he may be right.

The man is obviously a second-rater, but with the vacuum that surrounds him, and Margaret's unrestrained affection, even second-raters might dream imperial thoughts. The spectacle the Iraqis put on in the above linked video (no, not the picture) shows that they know that Odierno will be calling the shots there for the foreseeable future.


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