Monday, October 04, 2010


Legal Schnauzer has the skinny on the latest indictments in Alabama, related to a conspiracy to fix bingo games, or something like that. The US attorney there is Leura Canary who is thought to be a big buddy of Karl Rove and part of the Republican cabal that is working to bring down Alabama Democrats, including ex-Gov. Don Siegelman.

Leading to the question, why is Canary still the US attorney there? Barack Obama's justice department under Eric Holder is one of the oddest parts of the administration. The DoJ was filled during the Bush administration with politically motivated hacks, it has remained filled with them thanks to Holder's inactivity, while the DoJ goes after peace activists.

Is is shear stupidity and incompetence? Difficult to believe. Cowardice? Are the Rovians so scary to an AG and a President? What do they have on Holder? Because that's what it looks like.


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