Wednesday, October 13, 2010


We would be remiss if we failed to follow the continuing exploits of our favorite US diplomat, one time ambassador Peter Galbraith, currently running for the State Senate in Vermont.

Before his latest career, and his preceding job as a UN diplomat in Kabul, where he was the scourge of Karzai and his own UN boss, Eide, Galbraith was a volunteer helping Iraqi Kurds set up their own oil industry, negotiating with the Iraqi government, and writing the Iraqi constitution. As it turns out, at the same time he had a secret agreement with a Norwegian oil company to open up new fields in Kurdistan for drilling.

Since the deal didn't work out due to opposition from the Iraqi government, Galbraith, in association with a Yemeni company (Yemeni???), is receiving a settlement of $55 to $75 million.

Admitting that he should have disclosed his business interests, Galbraith says he intends to reinvest his gains in alternative energy, somehow making everything OK.


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