Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Let confusion reign

The midterm elections serve mainly to muddy the waters of US politics at the national level. The defeats of those vanquished in the Presidential are often redeemed, while the past victors are hoisted on their own petards, usually rightfully so.

2010 is no exception. Barack Obama's first two years have been a pendulum swinging between half-hearted and thus failed efforts to rationalize some egregious failings of the US system, the incredibly innefficient and expensive health care industry, and an enthusiastic hearting of the main forces shaping the new century, the financial oligarchy (FO) and the national security state (NSS).

The main struggle in the upcoming years will be between those last two powers, the FO and the NSS. Though they seem united now, the fundamental differences are profound and cannot be reconciled. Obama is the willing tool of the FO, while the NSS has to push him toward their goals (still vague and unformed anyway), but pushing an empty suit such as he is a laughing matter.

The Republicans too are crucified by their different masters. They just don't feel it as much, intellectual consistency is not something demanded of them.

Expect another crazy time where the inconsequential is raised to the highest national level, and the major powers maneuver behind the scenes. The best we can hope for is that this will delay the next war.


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