Thursday, December 02, 2010


One can only stand in wide-eyed disbelief when the Washington Post says that "Media in China, Middle East suppress WikiLeaks coverage".

Perhaps some 'news organizations' in China and the ME are reporting none of  the WikiLeaks revelations, but certainly some are being covered, by Al Jazeera, for example.

But what is being suppressed in the US MSM? Neither the NYT nor the WAPO has an article on the diplomatic pressure on Spanish judges to quash investigations into US kidnappings and torture. Sure, there is lots of stuff on the Arabs neediness for the US to bomb Iran, and how Cubans are promoting terrorism. The really damaging stuff, reported in the countries of interest such as Spain, is ignored.

When the WAPO singles out others while it continues its own selective 'journalism', it's really just pointing out what a joke it and the rest of the US press (with a few notable exceptions)  is.


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