Thursday, January 06, 2011

Hope and change

Republican style:
Republicans, who won control of the U.S. House with pledges to slash the federal budget deficit, are already under fire for backpedaling on their promises.

They say they intend to cut spending this fiscal year by about $60 billion, not the $100 billion they promised during last year’s campaign as part of their “Pledge to America.”

The Republicans also decided that they will ignore budget analysts’ estimate that a vote to repeal the administration’s health-care overhaul would add billions to the deficit. And yesterday, they weakened the House’s anti-deficit budgeting rules to make it easier to approve tax cuts that would add to the government’s fiscal shortfall.
I suppose I should be heartened that as soon as anyone gets to Congress or the Presidency they will miraculously forget all the promises they made in order to get there. Consistency is reassuring in a certain sense, at least it confirms my resolution to vote no more.


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