Friday, March 25, 2011


The Japanese version of neo-liberalism faced with a catastrophe is not that different from the US version, but the license it allows the news media to spin is surreal. After this CNN headline "Japan suspects nuclear reactor core at stricken plant has breached" we are presented with this concatenation of sentences:
Safety fears at the plant and beyond — radiation particles have been found as far away as Iceland — are compounding Japan's worst crisis since World War Two.

More than two dozen people have been injured trying to bring the plant under control.

Two of the reactors are now regarded as safe in what is called a cold shutdown. Four remain volatile, emitting steam and smoke periodically, but work is advancing to restart water pumps needed to cool fuel rods inside those reactors.

"It's much more hopeful," said Tony Roulstone, a nuclear energy expert at Cambridge University.
Tony is hopeful, but there is absolutely no context in the article, nor to the actual tragedy unfolding in slow-motion that lets us know why. We just must need feel good phrases from experts, especially from prestigious universities, no matter how far away.


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