Friday, April 01, 2011

Who's on first?

US ending its air combat role in Libya

Trying to follow the Obama administration's wandering around, into and from intervention in the Libyan civil war is an exercise in futility, and might lead to premature blindness, baldness, or bad vibes.

The episode, from beginning to the present, has shown that when Obama is presented with a new problem, and not just following the old idiotic policies of Bush, cannot even make up consistent policy, idiotic or not. He just blows in the wind like a scarecrow, hoping someone might be startled into calling him Mr. President and thus re-elect him.

I think that its safe to say that there are disagreements between his underlings, but that should be a feature, not a bug in having advisers. But when the person in charge cannot make up their mind, and allows disagreements to run amok, some serious shit can happen.


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