Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Minding Mueller

Despite protests from within the FBI over the re-nomination of FBI Director Mueller to an abbreviated two year term (after the original ten), the Senate will undoubtedly confirm him. From the pre-9/11 ignoring of field officer's warnings that something was going on, to the 'find a patsy, quick' anthrax investigation, and crowning it with the blindness to financial crimes by the elite, Mueller has shown that he knows where the bodies are buried, and he ain't talking.

President Drone, one might think, would prefer to have his own man at the job. But such is his weakness and underlying cowardice, there was no way he could find anyone who would take the mauling he'd get in the Senate, knowing that the President didn't have his back.

In two years, of course, Obama will be in his second and final term (or not), the Senate might be wholly in Republican hands, and the choice will probably be to keep Mueller for another two years.

While launching drone attacks and sending death squads (he was obviously afraid to have Bin Laden in custody) might make Obama feel like a manly man, he has been unwilling to fight to set up an administration that is his, and not Bush's. Failure does not get much worse than that.


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