Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Confidence is one of the major goals of the Obama administration, it is its magic wand that will reduce or eliminate all problems. President Drone himself seems to calculate every word and action to best promote confidence, and uses every trick in the book to have the press repeat ad nauseum today's confidence building pablum. He apparently does little else.

I don't believe there is a web site in the western world that isn't trumpeting the news that the Taliban that shot down the helicopter with Navy Seals on board have been killed. How these individuals were identified both as the shooters and as being dead is left up to the imagination of the reader, but since a top general said it, it must be true.

In the calculations of the administration, we can see how this news was necessary to recreate the lost confidence in the Afghan mission. The docility of the press has reached new levels under Obama, the unrelenting and unrelieved propaganda about Libya and Syria, the silence about Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, etc., the killing of Osama, are all incredibly orchestrated. Now we have another example. The orchestra is supposed to drown out actuality, which none the less keeps rearing its ugly head.


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