Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hate Week

Greenwald has an interesting post up, as usual, and draws some parallels between 1984's 'Two Minutes Hate" and the treatment ladled out to the current object of hate and disgust, whether it be Osama, Saddam, Gadaffi, etc., by the US government and the media.

But what we are going through now is Hate Week, as described in Wikipedia:
Hate Week is celebrated in late summer. The events during that time include waxwork displays, military parades, speeches and lectures. New slogans are also coined and new songs are written. The theme of the Hate Week is called the Hate Song. It is mentioned that a unit from the Fiction Department was assigned to make atrocity pamphlets [aka, terror threats] (falsified reports of atrocities committed by Oceania's enemies against her) designed to stimulate Oceania's populace further into enraged frenzy against all enemies. The aggregate effect of Hate Week thus is to excite the populace to such a point that they "would unquestionably have torn [captured enemy soldiers] to pieces" if given the opportunity.
And not only is this Hate Week, it's the Ten Year Super Hate Week. Enjoy!


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