Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tough talk

Where the administration is going with its current propaganda war on Pakistan? It's even hard to know if they actually understand where they are going, of if they're just blundering ahead trying to make brownie points for the upcoming election.

A wider real war in AfPak is the most obvious answer, but that would seem to call up all sorts of contingent problems that cannot be controlled, and that might not help Pres. Drone's election campaign.

So, probably the administration is upping the rhetoric to:
1. Try to cow the Pakistani's into allowing more drones, in a wider area
2. Electioneering.
3. Distract from the ongoing disaster in Afghanistan and pass the blame to Pakistan

The current administration is even less able than the previous to acknowledge that other countries might have other interests that will not always coincide with (what they conceive as) the best interests of the US. They also seem unwilling to admit that other countries can take steps that make things worse for the US, such as shutting down the supply routes. Despite the cozying up to Uzbekistan for supply lines, Russia and China have the first power of veto, and I doubt that the US military would like putting all their eggs in those baskets.

How this episode of foot stomping will end is hard to say, perhaps it's time for another distraction?


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