Sunday, February 26, 2012

Out of Afghanistan

It's now clear to all but the most obtuse and myopic commentators, aka the US press, that not only is the war in Afghanistan lost (that's been obvious for years), but that the risks of it degenerating into a catastrophe are becoming more than possible.

'Training' the Afghan army has been very expensive, lots of contractors feeding at the trough, but the whole charade is now assuming a more sinister light, having to be close to the trainees is getting more deadly for the trainers, and there is no solution but that of the hapless General John Allen, who has removed all troops from ministries in Kabul.

President Drone has played the tough guy for his domestic audience, but now he faces a situation that can't be glossed over with Hellfire missiles. Political failure looms, and it would be ironic if his administration fell over burning Korans, rather than the economy.


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