Friday, March 16, 2012

Conspiracy theories

You know that when the media labels something a conspiracy theory, it is then forbidden to talk about in polite circles.

The latest episode of the excellent adventure in Afghanistan, the slaughter of sixteen civilians by a supposedly drunken US Staff Sergeant, has been given an official storyline from the get-go. It depends upon the 'single shooter' technique that has worked so well in the past (JFK, RFK, MLK).

It seems the Afghans are not convinced by the storyline. One man dragging gasoline to two different villages in the middle of the night, shooting and burning sixteen people seems to offend their primitive sense of logic, and they are now saying that perhaps as many as twenty US soldiers were involved. Can anyone say 'grassy knoll'?

More arcane questions, such as how one man can so easily leave a base for a night time saunter, have yet to be asked. In fact, the media is in full 'just repeat the official line' mode, and questions not quoting the official narrative are definitely in conspiracy theory territory. How long before the term will be used to label those questioning the official story?