Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ha ha!

The Supreme Court ruled that the individual mandate is legal because it is a tax.

That's even though it will be paid to private interests (and Obama said it wasn't a tax, but what the fuck does he know).

It is a tax on your existence, not on any other activity.

So we are now to pay private interests to exist. So what else is new?

It is, however, more blatant and in your face that ever. Eat shit and die, America. Ha ha!

Monday, June 11, 2012


While most of the headlines go to Syria and Iran, the train wreck in Afghanistan is moving the US towards a more confrontational pose with Pakistan. It's hard to see how that is good for anyone, except possibly China and Russia.

But the Obama administration, even while using the most vile means, continues to pretend that moral posing will lead to policy success. Sure, it enthralls the witless, shitless Europeans, and has the full drum pounding support of the press, but it accomplishes nothing with people who have to live with the reality of US policy, and see the lies in the moral rhetoric first hand.

The leadership of Pakistan is obviously corrupt and self-serving (who ain't?), but betting on their being willing to commit suicide to keep the US bribes rolling in defies logic. But that's why Obama is so dangerous, in his mind he is the moral party, no matter what actions he takes and their consequences. All must bow down before his holiness.

All elites practice double-think, the necessity to justify terrible actions is a common human trait. But this current crop in Washington, even more than the last (and believe me, I didn't think that possible), are reaching 1984 levels.

The escalation of the drone war in Pakistan aims to punish Pakistan's leadership with their people. The closing of the transit roots must be hurting more than they are letting on, but the only response can be more pressure, never accommodation, nor, God forbid, apologies.

US Assistant Secretary of Defence Peter Lavoy is in Islamabad asking for a meeting with Pakistan Chief of Staff Kiani, and not getting it. Meanwhile, Panetta says the US is running out of patience with Pakistan. But patience is a two way street.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Small world

A protester's sign in Cairo reads, "Down with the next President". Likewise here, bro. (h/t The Arabist)