Thursday, October 19, 2006

If the Democrats Win

As my faithful readers might recall, I posted up some predictions about events and results leading through the upcoming midterm elections. There I fearlessly predicted that the Democrats would not take back either house, and I'm not backing down!
But what would happen if they did? Greg Grandin over at TomDispatch recounts what happened the last time the Democrats took back Congress in a midterm election, that was in 1986. As he points out, not only did they get punked by Ollie North over Iran-contras, the people who ran Iran-contras have been in charge of the country for the past six years. Greg does a good job of analyzing the reasons for their collapse in 1986, read it for yourself and ask, "Is there any reason to believe this time will be better?"
As he says:
If the Democratic Party wants to halt, or even reverse, its long decline and avoid yet again snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, it will need to do more than investigate the six-year reign of corruption, incompetence, and arrogance presided over by Cheney and company. Progressive politicians who protest the war in Iraq will have to do more than criticize the way it has been fought or demand to have more of a say in how it is waged. They must challenge the militarism that justified the invasion and that has made war the option of first resort for too many of our foreign-policy makers. Otherwise, no matter how many tanks they drive or veterans they nominate -- or congressional seats they pick up -- the Democrats will always be dancing to Ollie's tune.


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