Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weekend Dillon Beach Blogging

Cassie the Intrepid and I went to the beach yesterday. If you're not familiar with the Northern California coast, let us say that the weather there is changable, varying between cold and clammy when the fog is in, to very cold and windy when it's not foggy. However, a few days each year, usually in October, the wind stops, the fog goes away and even the icy water seems, well, less icy. That's the day we had yesterday, so even though we lost our tennis ball early, a great day was had by all, as the pictures attest.

The tide was going out and these fellows passed the time swimming upstream.

Pellicans in formation.

Looking down Tomales bay, Point Reyes is on the right.

Cassie looks at me oddly as I yell "You'll be sorry!" to the folks getting married under the chuppa. (Just kidding.)


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