Saturday, April 14, 2007

Deadline, shmedline

David Sanger of the NTY, one of the stable of neo-con toadies at that benighted paper, tries to bring us up to date on the latest on the North Korea agreement, all of which has been apparent for the last month to 'i cognoscenti':

North Korea Takes No Apparent Action as Deadline Passes

Yes, the North Koreans have not shut down their reactor, and no one but the US is surprised.

I've followed the whole story at length, so if you are interested, scroll down, follow the links, and see why the Sanger article is an in the tank, crock of shit.

The energetic Mr. Sanger goes to the trouble of quoting the bleating of the State Department, and then running off for edification to Nicholas Eberstadt of, surprise surprise, the American Enterprise Institute.

Nick Baby gives the usual neo-con Cheneyite spin, regurgitated without comment by Sanger.

Then, just to give balance and perspective, Sanger then goes down on to John Bolton, he of the Mustache of Doom, to hear the same thing. Sanger spits that up too without a whimper.

Cheney and his horror puppet Bush may be having their troubles, but it's clear that the NTY and the WaPo are still in their thrall. Go to McClatchy if you want some reporting on international affairs, Sanger & Co. are still in the tank, and show no sign of coming out.


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