Friday, April 06, 2007

Goin' home

It hadn't been clear up to now that all the Treasury people were still in Beijing, the IHT says they were:
The U.S. Treasury delegation, which left Beijing Friday after 13 days of negotiations, was led by James Wilkinson, chief of staff to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Jr.; Daniel Glaser, a deputy assistant treasury secretary for terrorist financing and financial crime; and James Fries, deputy assistant general counsel at Treasury.
I, who admittedly know next to nothing about banking and international finance, find it mind-boggling that a measly $25 million dollars is enough to block an agreement that would at least slow, if not stop, the DPRK's rush to get nuclear weapons.

The sad truth is that the Cheney administration doesn't give a flying fuck about nuclear proliferation, not to N. Korea, or Pakistan or India, or for that matter Iran, not to mention Israel. It's all just an excuse.


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