Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wouldn't it be nice?

Glenn Greenwald discusses a 'bizarre scoop' (Glenn's behind an ad-wall now on Salon), an ABCNews article that says that Iran might have a nuclear weapon by 2009 since they just put 1000 centrifuges online. The article is completely unsourced, except for 'sources say', and naturally, being contrary to most estimates of when the nefarious Iranians might get the bomb, it has made an impact on the today's news. Some intrepid reporter (what we here at Blog Simple call a stooge) even asked Feckless Leader about it, guarantying even more press.
What I would find fascinating would be to know the exact sequence of events that led up to that story. Who are the 'sources', who put them in touch with ABC, what was the mechanism in the ABC newsroom that moved them to print such journalistic rubbish.
Surely that would tell us more about how our little world really works than the combined talking heads and pundits chattering away for a year. Wouldn't it be nice?


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