Tuesday, April 03, 2007

No deal

Time to bite the bullet, from Reuters:
N.Korea unlikely to meet nuclear deadline: report

Japan's Kyodo news agency quoted Chinese chief envoy Wu Dawei as telling Japanese reporters in Beijing on Wednesday that it was difficult for North Korea to meet the deadline to close and seal its nuclear facilities in Yongbyon.

"I believe it's definite. It cannot be helped," Kyodo quoted Wu as saying in reference to Pyongyang missing the deadline.

Here's another choice passage:
A delegation led by Daniel Glaser has been in Beijing for several days to discuss the implementation of a deal in which $25 million was to be released into a North Korean account at the Bank of China.
This is Glaser's second trip (first was to Macao) and by my count he has been in Beijing 9 days, not several. No report I've read has given even the slightest clue what Mr. Glaser has been up to these 'several' days, I mean, what is the US position on the $25 million? What is the problem? Why don't any of these reporter's sources ever inform on these subjects, or if they do, why isn't it printed?


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