Sunday, April 15, 2007

Who'll crack?

I've not said much lately about Abu Gonzo, Karl Rove, and their merry den of thieves and liars. All the information that's coming out now confirms my diagnosis, the executive branch of government has been taken over by gangsters. There are also a lot of their henchmen in Congress and the Judiciary, not to mention the press.

The mind numbing effects of capitalism may hide this fact for a while, but sooner or later it has to be faced, the rule of gangsters means the end of the rule of law, and thus the end of the rule of money. So, for an ever expansive capitalism to continue, our current crew has to go before they have all the reins of power gripped tightly in their hot little hands, because if and when they do, great money will no longer necessarily mean great power.

Hence, the push back we see today in Congress. But as I see the current situation, so long as the executive continues to resist, stall, bluff and draw upon their allies in the press to normalize their conduct, Congress is not going to get very far. Just like Watergate, someone on the inside is going to have to crack and come forward, or at least push others forward. In my view, it's got to be soon, if you think Rove and Cheney are just going to watch and wait up to the next election, let me tell you about some funds in Nigeria I need to transfer to the States and you can help!


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