Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Glenn Greenwald today (warning, ad wall) points to an editorial in the Wall Street Journal by Harvard Government Professor Harvey Mansfield.

The professor argues that the power of the President is greater than the 'rule of law', citing Machiavelli's The Prince as the authority for this view.

What goes unstated is that democracy, i.e. the power of money to influence and control political power, is based on the rule of law. Money is not a unified power, its distribution makes politics in democracies a competitive process. Without the rule of law, political rule will become master over economic forces.

Logically, the WSJ should be a champion of the rule of law and the primacy of economic power.

It is surely a sign of end times that the major powers in this country are eager to give up their power to the Mayberry Caesars.

That the goose that lays the WSJ's golden egg should be killed so that Feckless Leader can rule the roost sets a new standard for irony. One can only stand in awe and say to the ghost of Oswald Spengler, "Dude, you were so right!".


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