Friday, June 29, 2007

Iraq and Israel?

The so-called left leaning British press, represented here by the Guardian, writes about the newest 'terror attacks':
The failed car bombing carries chilling echoes of explosions in Iraq and Israel, where similar crude devices have killed hundreds.
Talk about staying on message. Feckless Leader has said that Iraq can turn out like Israel, so the two must be reinforced in our little minds as being associated.

I can't remember the last car bomb in Israel, could our reporter being referring to the bombing in Lebanon of the UN troops?

In any case, the car bombs in Iraq (like that in Lebanon) have nothing to do with the car(s) in London. Those in Iraq are filled with high-explosives, not gasoline. They may be crude, but they don't emit telltale smoke before not exploding.

Isn't there a way of stirring up fear in the populace without making yourself into a total ass?


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