Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bought by billionaires

Two excellent articles that illuminate what's what and who's who in Israeli politics.

They're both on the same theme, the ownership of many (most?) Israeli politicians (and generals) by Jewish billionaires who don't live in Israel. Both are written by Israeli Jews.

The first, by Daniel Levy, concentrates on Sheldon Adelson, the casino developer, and his sponsorship of the recent conference in Israel hosted by Shimon Peres and attended by Feckless Leader. It seems that Mr. Adelson is no longer enamored of PM Olmert, whether that might have something to do with Olmert's current legal difficulties is not discussed, but suspicious minds wonder. Adelson would like to have Bibi Netanyahu be the next PM.

The second, by Uri Avnery, takes a more historic view of the phenomenon, and talks more specifically about Talansky, he of the envelopes of cash placed in Olmert's hot little hands.

Both are must reads, if you want to understand the shadow politics and policies of the Middle East.


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