Monday, May 19, 2008


In an earlier Blog Simple post, a scorecard was kept of Feckless Leader's latest trip to the Middle East, starting in Saudi Arabia. (The visit to Israel is still too startling for us to appreciate without more time for reflection.) After Saudi Arabia, by a rigorous accounting, we had adjudicated that Bush's tally was even, and the finale at Sharm-el-Sheik would prove decisive. And yes, so has been.

At the tip of Sinai, Bush proceeded to lecture the so-called rulers of the Arab world, those who are not now EVIL, instructing them in their responsibilities, duties and obligations towards the upcoming paradise in the Middle East, starting just as soon as Iraq get straightened out.

The message was simple. "You are mine, bitches!', and who could contest? Mubarak did discretely showed his displeasure by getting the Egyptian press to cry and moan, but nobody seems to care, oddly enough. If the rest of the potentates got peeved, well tough shit, ragheads.

Going out in his own inimitable style, our Feckless Leader rides off into the sunset a success in the first phase in the new millennium's great war.

Confounded, ridiculed, and pissed on were the Arab allies, while Israel was definitively brought into a mystic alliance of GOOD to combat the EVIL that threatens us all.

Our new leader will have some strange shoes to fill.


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